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All he could see were those ice blue eyes lying within a just as beautiful frame in the back of his mind. Tanned skin, blue clothes, and those eyes were what made her so exotic looking, and he found himself unable to look away the first time he met her.
He wondered if maybe she felt the same way about him…
Currently he had taken a simple stroll through Republic City near night time with his fire ferret pet, Pabu, who was constantly running up and down his entire body. Currently Pabu stood on top of his shoulders, sniffing the air before running down and up his body again. “What’s wrong?” The ferret in question didn’t reply, but rather jumped off his shoulder and went running. “Whoa, wait!”
He chased the fire ferret as it zigzagged through the surprisingly numerous people on the street. Unfortunately for Bolin, he wasn’t quite so small and ended up smashing into several people who cursed him for being a klutz, which in turn he only
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Dancing Water
From across the other side of the room he watched her with interest as she slurped up her noodles in a disgusting manner before laughing at one of the boy’s-who was also seated with her-jokes. She glanced over at him once and turned her attention back to the boy to ask a question that Tahno presumed was about him. The boy’s shoulders slumped slightly and Tahno knew he was correct; Apparently the people around him had realized what was going on too as his girls were now whispering in his ears about how idiotic the Avatar looked.
Deciding it was in his best interest to at least speak with the amusing Avatar he took one last sip of his wine and motioned for his group to follow, which they did without question. The boy only turned around once to glance at Tahno with a look of fright on his face before turning around, not realizing the satisfaction it brought Tahno. The Avatar, he saw, was less than amused, and would be less easy to intimidate.
He felt a stirring in his gut at
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Trust For a Masked Man Chp: 1
Taking hold of her parka, she pulled it off and threw it down on the other side of the room in a careless fashion. Letting out a long sigh, she rubbed her eyes that stung slightly from being open for so long without a hint of sleep and stripped herself down to her under wrappings. She’d been longing for the feeling of a nice warm bed and at least five to six hours of rest, though she could go for much more.
They had just arrived at Ba Sing Se while running away from the Fire Army. Spending one’s day running for countless hours and then having to sleep on the cold ground certainly wasn’t an ideal way of life; not to mention having to do this for over a week and a half. Barely, just barely, had they managed to have the Fire Nation lose them on a false trail and arrive at Ba Sing Se. It was a place they hadn’t exactly expected them to go, and thankfully many of the inhabitants were already hostile enough towards the Fire Nation that they would hold out a while
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No Title Yet: Fantasy story come along
Feet danced upon moss covered logs as she traveled with no particular place in mind. The forest held trees that loomed over its inhabitants with a sense of foreboding, along with foliage dense enough that it was only her small, translucent but luminous wings that gave off light. 
She was a rather small person with notable scarlet hair that fell down to her knees; some parts tangled with random pieces of twigs and leaves. Pollen dusted over her head and shoulders, a little bit falling upon her white dress, which she seemed to not mind at all.
Her face was rather blank at the moment, and seemingly unaware of a viewer hiding behind several trees. She stopped for a moment before dipping low and plucking a flower of interest, her movements filled with the grace of a dancer. She sniffed it slightly before deciding it was worthy enough to keep and began to walk again.
From afar he watched her with awe, having heard of the beau
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Buy Real Fur by FoxyScorpion Buy Real Fur :iconfoxyscorpion:FoxyScorpion 112 211
CM: Chapter 1
December 12. 21:32
In Chrome's room
Taking a step in the room, she didn't even try to hide the padding of her feet. There was a bikini held shamelessly in her hands, and her eyes glanced over the room looking for the man surely to be there. "Chrome?"
His eyes were closed peacefully; he wasn't sleeping, but merely trying to rest. To someone on the outside, they would have perhaps found the black and white striped guitar in his hands to be weird, but he loved to play the guitar, and sometimes would even have it by his bedside. At the call of her voice he slightly lifted his head and turned a fraction towards her. "Yeah?"
She smiled endearingly, and crept up closer to the bed before sitting next to him to give a chaste kiss. Smirking slightly, she lifted the bikini up to show him.
His eyes showed intrigued, both at the blatant gesture, but also the thought of seeing her in that nice bikini. Smiling now, he put down the guitar and came a little closer to her. Up close, he co
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Aome Chan History: Shit Makes No Sense
Aome-chan is a girl who was born in the Uchiha clan,
Oh God, here we go. I'll go on a little further before we really begin.
Sasuke's younger sister,
So let's stop here and just look at everything:  Sasuke's younger sister? Well, completely ignoring the fact that Sasuke only had a brother, and that was the only sibling in his family, then perhaps we could possibly deal with this, but no. One of the few rules about making O.C's is to not have them related to any Canon characters, especially a main character like Sasuke. Often times it turns the character into a Mary Sue (which even without her being related to Sasuke, she would still be a Sue, but I digress). So here we begin with yet another 'Uchiha survivor'. How many times does it take of telling people that there are no Uchiha survivors besides Sasuke before it gets through their thick skulls? Going past the Mary Sue laws of all characters of any story, but into the Mary Sue laws of the Naruto universe, Aome
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Don't know what I'm going to do with this account, still like making those stamps (lmao the only thing I'm good at). So how's everybody doing are all ya'll gone off now? Gave up on deviantART and moved onto several different sites but it seems no other besides this one can easily rustle the jimmies.

 Hope you guy's are doing great though, in all seriousness. It feels good to be back, I just have a feeling I'll be hiding out in the darkness for a while till I get some shit together.


by ivonnu

This is a beautiful piece of pixel work. You've done a fantastic job of the details, shading, and tones for this piece. I love how you'...

I personally like both, however I will critique you on your newest one. First thing is that we have some nice shading, mostly on their ...


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